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Corporate Law Structures

Corporate Law Structures

We specialize in counseling owners of major corporations and privately held businesses. While we let you handle the operations of the business. Our assistance helps your business navigate through the numerous laws and regulations governing unfair competition, intellectual property, and employee relations, ensuring your business is fully compliant. We also recognize that your business is never a “small business” no matter the size, number of employees, or the amount of revenue received. Among the services we provide are negotiating, contracts, partnership agreements, Corporate and Limited Liability Company formation documents, Succession Planning, and all aspects of buying and selling a business including the preparation of all such related legal documents.

We are heavily involved in all aspects of business law, from small business incorporations, to writing and reviewing contracts and agreements, to breach of contract and business lawsuits. Business and commercial law represents a significant portion of our daily activities. Our attorneys are skilled in the preparation of shareholder agreements and utilization of the S-corporation election. Contracts of all kinds, including all those affecting real, personal and intellectual property interests are carefully prepared, negotiated and reviewed. Employment procedures, employee agreements and manuals are likewise prepared and modified to keep up with current trends in the law.

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In an effort to support the best interests of our clients, we offer competitive fees. Call 703-352-1300 or contact our firm to learn more about how our Fairfax business law lawyers will personally tailor our services to your needs.

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