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Cyber Crimes: The Nightmare Scenario for Your Business

Your company could sustain huge losses due to the compromise of an employee e-mail account. Seemingly legitimate communications and requests may actually be signs of a fraudster attempting to commit Read More

FAQ: Salesperson Pay

Dealers must be careful about violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. These actions can be filed either as individual actions or as group actions in federal court, and they Read More

FTC Looking at Dealers for Safeguards Rule Compliance

On June 7, 2012, the FTC announced that it had agreed on terms of a consent order with a Georgia Toyota dealer stemming from the dealer’s failure to maintain adequate Read More

Make the Case Against Dealer Flat Fees

Have you wondered why industry publications are writing with increasing frequency about the expected demise of finance “markup”?  The answer is simple – proponents of dealer flat fees are working Read More

If Every Car Manufacturer Wants to be Apple, Why Don’t They Get the Point?

Just ask the executives of any car manufacturer what company they want to be like, and you’re likely to get a pretty consistent answer – Apple! They love the high-techniness. Read More


Dealers: You must take audits very seriously. From reports around the country, franchisors have been increasing their audit activity. Of special concern are vehicle exports – vehicles that you have sold Read More

Lincoln Dealers: Pay Up or Get Out?

There has been significant publicity recently about Ford Motor Company’s ultimatum to Lincoln dealers. According to reports, if they want to remain Lincoln dealers, they must invest an average of Read More

Dealers Be Careful of Exotic Doc Fees and Processing Fees

For the last two decades, dealer doc fees and processing fees have been hot button issues for plaintiff lawyers seeking to sue dealers. As recently as a month ago, the Read More

Check Your Franchisor Accounts

When was the last time you checked your open account with your manufacturer? When was the last time you checked other accounts, such as a co-op advertising account? The franchisor open Read More

Who is Filling In the Customer’s Credit Application?

In a recent story, Automotive News reported on an informal online survey of F&I managers in which 29% responded that salespeople or sales managers fill in credit applications for customers Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 14 posts