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Cyber Crimes: The Nightmare Scenario for Your Business

Your company could sustain huge losses due to the compromise of an employee e-mail account. Seemingly legitimate communications and requests may actually be signs of a fraudster attempting to commit Read More


You see it in movies — an image of slick stock broker in a basement boiler room in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Staten Island cold calling  customers.  The pitch is standardized. Read More

Financial Alphabet Soup is Really Not That Filling

Financial professionals often use certifications on business cards, internet portals, and the like to support their expertise. Whether it is CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CSNA (Certified Special Needs Advisor), or Read More

419 Welfare Benefit Plans Are Current IRS Targets

Every smart business owner wants to maximize profits and minimize taxes. Tax planning to minimize taxes is simply a sound business practice. However, small business owners should beware of “too Read More

What Are Your Qualifications?

You generally want to know the qualifications of the professionals with whom you deal. You generally like to know that your doctor went to medical school and that your lawyer Read More

Why Applications Matter

It does not matter whether you are filling out a financial services application or an insurance application for your first or tenth time. Pay attention. Applications matter. That is especially Read More

Avoiding the Tax Man’s Revenge

axes! Everybody hates them. And as a professional who spent years in school earning your credentials, you have more reasons to hate them than most. You didn’t luck into a Read More

Pension Plan Dipping

It has been a tough couple of years for business. Just as it seemed that the economy was finally lifting out of the doldrums, it looks like we are getting Read More

Annuities for the Ages

You are quickly approaching or even past acknowledged retirement age. You wonder what happened to the rich investment returns when you were younger. Bank accounts, money markets, and CDs are Read More

Defining Liability for a Faulty Defined Benefit Plan

You have a new client named Allen. Allen worked his whole life to build his small successful business that now has five employees. He saved every dollar he could, and Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 11 posts