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Asset Protection

Asset Protection

The attorneys of Allred, Bacon, Halfhill & Young have many years of real life experience and thousands of clients that have been provided asset protection by our firm. We are the fiercest advocates of our clients and protect hard earned assets. We are capable of establishing various structures to protect residents, rental real estate investments and retirement plans. We specialize in complex sophisticated planning and probatively use innovative asset protection plans to establish common sense family oriented business and estate plans. We will help you solve your toughest problems. We are familiar and can assist you in establishing personal residence trusts, limited liability companies and limited partnerships, equity strips, foreign entities, foreign trust and off shore banking relationships.

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In an effort to support the best interests of our clients, we offer competitive fees. Call 703-352-1300 or contact our firm to learn more about how our Fairfax business law lawyers will personally tailor our services to your needs.

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