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Business Law Counseling

Business Law Counseling

Business planning involves working through a maze of complex laws that aim to insure that no one escapes from being regulated and taxed. We do our best to insure and educate you about the most common planning transactions and structures to give you the best possible results in light of the various complex laws. We can assist you in planning for U.S. or overseas investments, in drafting letters of intent, term sheets, purchase agreements and providing legal due diligence for purchasers of businesses at home and abroad, all the while serving your best interests and objectives to the fullest extent of the law.

We apply the various legal disciples of our business expertise to help guide companies through their entire life cycle.  Having advised a wide variety of businesses through formation, growth and disposition, we are well equipped to help our clients plan and achieve their goals for each of these phases.  We also have expertise in franchising and computer technology issues, and help our clients plan and protect their businesses for all business life cycle phases.

We have substantial experience working with a variety of business owners throughout the Metro-DC area, Regionally and Nationally. Our clients range from small, family-owned business owners to corporations and limited liability companies. We offer our clients a comprehensive level of diversity, professionalism and integrity.

Professional Fairfax County Business Litigation Lawyer

As small-business owners for more than 35 years, we understand the excitement and stressors that accompany owning a business. We have ample experience with the following:

  • Employment-related law
  • Incorporations, LLCs and partnerships
  • Drafting contracts and agreements
  • Business litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Purchase agreements
  • Small-business incorporations
  • Family-held business issues
  • Small-business law
  • Negligent construction or design

Whether you are growing your business or facing a dispute, we are prepared to give you the level of service you desire. We work efficiently and discreetly as we help you grow your bottom line and support your mission. Our clients trust us to give them straightforward advice so they can make educated decisions about their situation.

You will have direct access to one of our attorneys who will take the time and effort necessary to fully understand your issues and needs. We will explore your options and design proposals for you that suit your unique circumstances.

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In an effort to support the best interests of our clients, we offer competitive fees. Call 703-352-1300 or contact our firm to learn more about how our Fairfax business law lawyers will personally tailor our services to your needs.

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