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College Code of Conduct Violations

College Code of Conduct Violations

Just about every college and university around has a Code of Conduct that applies to its student body. While not having the force of law, this Code of Conduct subjects students to various sanctions if they violate its terms.

If a student is accused of violating the school’s Code of Conduct, the student will receive a Notice of Disciplinary Violation and may be called before a hearing committee. The rights afforded to the student in a disciplinary process are often arbitrary and capricious. Schools are free to run their campus system using their own standards of due process, evidence and confidentiality, which are far below minimum standards that apply under Federal or State law.

Our experienced student defense attorneys advise students from the beginning of the process and help them navigate each school’s policies, practice, rules and regulations to make sure that the student receives the maximum benefit of rights available by that school.

Our attorneys help students investigate Code charges to determine the evidence and the strength of the arguments for and against, explain the disciplinary process to the students and parents, advise students and their parents about possible outcomes, and prepare students for the types of questions they may need to answer.


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