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Slip And Fall

Fairfax Slip-And-Fall Injury Attorneys

When you visit an office building or a retail store, you are likely under the impression that your safety is a top priority — both inside and outside of the establishment. Unfortunately due to the negligence of store managers or employees, serious slip-and-fall accidents can occur.Premises liability accidents can also occur at home. If you rent an apartment, your landlord should be taking the precautions that are necessary to ensure your safety in your room and your building. When this does not happen, ceilings can collapse and floors can fall. Additionally, accidents can occur outside on poorly maintained stairways and sidewalks.

Thorough Fairfax County Premises Liability Lawyer

The injuries that result from this negligence are often serious and even deadly. It is essential that you retain an experienced attorney who will advocate for your right to the compensation you deserve. At Allred, Bacon, Halfhill & Young, PC, our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience helping individuals throughout Northern Virginia who have been injured in serious slip-and-fall or premises liability accidents.

These injuries can affect your spine, head or brain and they can change your life forever. The medical costs associated with these accidents can be debilitating. Our attorneys will work diligently as we investigate your accident and your injuries. We understand how stressful and overwhelming this situation can be for an individual. We will work tenaciously as we pursue an outcome that serves your best interests.

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In an effort to support the best interests of our clients, we offer competitive fees. Call 703-352-1300 or contact our firm to learn more about how our Fairfax slip-and-fall injury lawyers will personally tailor our services to your needs.

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