Complex Litigation

Trial work is the primary emphasis of several of our attorneys, and their courtroom skills are highly regarded by the legal community. Our attorneys are no strangers to major cases, having won and collected seven-figure judgments and settlements. Their trial skills are best evidenced by the fact many former jurors and opposing parties have selected our firm to represent them in court. By combining skill and hard work with a team approach, we are able to develop courtroom strategies that win more cases for our clients. The litigation team at our firm is involved in state and federal court systems involving both trial and appellate levels across a wide variety of industry areas. Our litigation team also is involved in commercial arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Our complex litigation services include representation of both plaintiffs and defendants with business, corporate, personal injury, and property damage claims. We service corporations, limited liability companies, partnership, joint ventures, and individuals involving defense and prosecution of such claims as breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and tortuous interference with contract. We negotiate state and federal laws concerning trade secrets, unfair competition, RICO, labor and employment, and intellectual property rights. Through our unique approach to dispute avoidance and resolution, our clients are able to manage their litigation risks and reach their business objectives. Hopefully, they see us as valued counselors and not just another law firm.

Arbitration and Mediation

Our attorneys represent clients in a full range of arbitrations and mediations. They have obtained broad experience with both processes as alternate dispute resolution has become more common in large business disputes. Since courts are also increasingly requiring mediation as a predicate to trial. You can trust our attorneys for in-depth knowledge of both a mediation strategy and the panels from which mediators are appointed. We explain the difference between arbitrations, mediations and traditional litigation, particularly if the client is faced with a choice of which method of dispute resolution to utilize. We review with our clients the frequently cited advantages and disadvantages of these forms of dispute resolution and do our best to dispel all myths about these processes. We then evaluate the particular matter in question to determine how the unique characteristics of each dispute resolution method can produce optimal results for our clients.

Bet the Business Litigation

A lawsuit can devastate a business.  Whether it’s a vulnerable start-up, or an established company, sometimes a business’s survival depends upon the cost and outcome of a single lawsuit.  We call these “bet the business” cases and most of them are highly confidential in nature.  Bet the business cases require a different type of analysis of risk and reward beyond the day-to-day litigation.  They are complicated, and many times involve multiple parties and complex discovery.  When a business’s very existence depends upon victory, clients should not go to trial with inexperienced attorneys.  Our bet the business attorneys are seasoned trial veterans who know how to run a case efficiently and present a winning argument.

Virginia Local Counsel

Our litigation attorneys have served as local counsel in both State and Federal Courts in Virginia.  They regularly serve as local counsel working in conjunction with managing counsel for small companies, individuals, and Fortune 500 companies.  They have a strong history of fair and ethical representation and have been privileged to serve as local counsel for out-of-state law firms in need of a passionate handling of complicated legal matters.  Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable in assisting out-of-state counsel through the pro hac vice admission process in both State and Federal Courts.

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